Farleys Play Dockenfield
The Bluebell Dockenfield
The Bluebell Inn, Farnham
Join the award-winning Farleys at this award-winning pub for a great night of music, laughter, singi...more...
Sat 27th Apr 2019
Farleys Play Haslemere
The Apple Tree Haslemere
The Apple Tree, Haslemere
The Farleys deliver their unique blend of lauging / singing / dancing / drinking good times to the g...more...
Sat 11th May 2019
Farleys Play Dorking
The Kings Arms Dorking
The Kings Arms, Dorking
Join the brothers Farley at The Kings Arms in Dorking where they will deliver their awesome payload ...more...
Sat 25th May 2019
Farleys Play Guildford
The Britannia Guildford
The Britannia, Guildford
The Farley brothers play their 'home gig' at The Britannia Guildford.This is always an amazing night...more...
Sat 1st Jun 2019
Farnham Carnival
Farnham Carnival, Farnham
Farnham Carnival - which The Farleys (and absolutely no one else) have dubbed 'Farnival' - is organi...more...
Sat 29th Jun 2019
Party in the Park
Woking Park, Woking
Join The Farleys at this year's Party in the Park Woking which showcases talent from the Woking area...more...
Sat 6th Jul 2019
Hale Carnival
Hale Recreation Ground, Farnham
Join The Farleys at this year's Hale Carnival where the brothers hope to appear on a float of Guinne...more...
Sat 6th Jul 2019
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