Farleys play The Britannia

The Britannia, Guildford

9:00pm Saturday 7th April 2012

The Britannia Guildford

Oh yes, it's Brit time again as The Farleys bring their inimitable style of banter, skiffle and the word of the Good Lord to the good people of Guildford.

Last time we were here we managed to get the whole pub bouncing to our famous 'No No No' dance routine, and when you see it you'll be saying 'no no no' too. You can make 'em bob but you can't give 'em rhythm, bless them.

So line up the Guinness, clear the dance floor and put on them dancin' boots, The Farleys are back in town.

The Britannia
9 Millmead

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The Britannia, Guildford
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