Farleys play Mayford Arms

Mayford Arms, Woking

9:00pm Saturday 1st December 2012

The Mayford ArmsThat's right, Farley fans, we're back at the Mayford Arms for more Farley fun with the brothers, Adam, Bruce, Charley, Jay, Phil and whichever drummer turns up on the night. Hey, that's an idea, let's have a 'guess the drummer' competition! Will it be Stig MkI, MkII or MkIII?

Send your answers to:

Guess the drummer competition
Charley Farley Sunday Four
I've got way too much time on my hands

Back to the gig now, which will feature the usual Farley brand of music, drinking, singing, more drinking, dancing and yep, even more drinking. That's right, folks, the more you drink the better we sound.

Mayford Arms
Guilford Road Mayford
GU22 9QT