Farleys play Woking

Mayford Arms, Woking

9:00pm Saturday 22nd February 2014


The Mayford Arms WokingYes, we know it's hot and we know it's crowded at The Mayford but we have a cunning plan. We're going to knock a wall down. We've had a look and reckon they don't need it any more. And it'll give that 'garden inside, bar outside' kind of feeling. Plus we'll all have a lot more space.

OK, so we're just being silly, but actually we do have a plan to create more space for everyone. How? Well, you'll just have to come along and find out, won't you?

As always there's a new-style Farlette t-shirt up for grabs plus new choons from Mama's Chest.

Mayford Arms
Guilford Road Mayford
GU22 9QT

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