Pirate Night at Mayford Arms

Mayford Arms, Woking

9:00pm Saturday 18th September 2010

Mayford Arms, Woking

As 19th September is International Talk Like A Pirate Day (oh for real, Google it if you don't believe me) we're going to get you in the mood by starting festivities a little early - because technically it will already be ITLAP Day in Australia and much of the world east of us by the time we start playing.  We'll be raising funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care in the process.


I thought that would grab your attention.  Just come dressed as a pirate, shout "Arrharr!" at the baarrrr and there'll be a free shot of rum for ya, aaaarrrr!

Come on down to The Mayford Arms for some cheap pirate gags, the odd sea shanty, free rum and a "chuffing good night out" (Ma Farley)

The Cha-harley Fa-harley Sunday Four
Clockwise from top left, Camp Pirate,  Fagin Pirate, I'm-enjoying-this-a-little-too-much Pirate, Lobotomy Pirate, Coy Pirate and Pretty-Boy Pirate

Mayford Arms
Guilford Road Mayford
GU22 9QT