Merry Christmas Farley Fans!

The Charley Farley Sunday Four perform an impromptu version of White Christmas between sets backstage in a broom cupboard with nothing but 3 smart phones, and mp3 recorder and a surgical support.

Thanks to everyone who supported us throughout 2012 - if you turned up to a gig, festival, won a Farlette t-shirt, got a badge or bought an album, this is for you:

We wish you all a fantastic Christmas and look forward to seeing you in February 2013!

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The Britannia, Guildford
Sat 3rd Nov 2018
Farleys Play Farncombe
The Three Lions, Farncombe
Sat 1st Dec 2018
Farleys Play Haslemere
The Apple Tree, Haslemere
Sat 8th Dec 2018
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